• Lewis and Clark Journal Instructions PRE-AP


    Lewis and Clark Journal Instructions




    Lewis and Clark Timeline (PBS)





    Sample Journal Entry- 

    1.      Create a name of the place where you camped:  The Fork River Mountain  


    2.      Date: June 19, 1804 


    3.      Journal Entry: “It rained cats and dogs all night, and I was soaked to the bone.  This morning we hunted deer.  I shot two but Marquis, the French guy, fell down the mountain and broke his leg. We started to carry him to back to the camp when we saw we were being watched by Indians.  I was scared.  I thought for sure they were going to kill us.  But they never did anything and we made it back to camp.  Marquis has a bad fever now…I hope he doesn’t die.” 


    *****Your journal entry needs to be a minimum of one paragraph long