• The faculty and administration want to take all measures to ensure the safety of our students, teachers, staff, and patrons.
    In this endeavor, we ask for your help in encouraging your child to wear his/her student ID when they arrive at school.
    Students not in compliance with the District ID policy will be subject to the following ID infraction steps:

    • 1st Offense - One Day OSS
    • 2nd Offense - Two Days OSS
    • 3rd Offense - Pre-Disciplinary conference to determine the length of suspension

    Junior High Only
    Students not in compliance will be immediately removed from class and sent to the office. 
    Parents will be contacted and a temporary badge will be issued and the student will return to class.
    After the first three (3) infractions the students will be subject to the high school policy as stated above.

    Dan Schwarz, Principal
    Laura Rousseau, Assistant Principal