What Mrs. Ragsdale expects from me: 

    Drinks: only bottled water 

    Appropriate school attire 

    Cell phones (AND headphones) out only with permission 

    TCB (Take Care of Business) before/beginning or after class; if I arrive after the bell = tardy; if I miss 5+ minutes of class = absence 

    Respect toward authorities and peers 

    Excellence – in work, behavior, & attitude; late work = zero/not accepted (ONLY projects and tests can be given a late grade) 

    What can expect from Mrs. Ragsdale: 

    Grade deductions from my weekly ABCDE grade for any of the above infractions notes will be made in IC for my parents to see 

    Principals will be contacted if ANY kind of drug use is suspected (& alcohol IS a drug) 

    If cannot make good choices, Mrs. Ragsdale will HELP me make good choices 

    Engaging assignments and activities 

    Effective communication in class, plus outside class via the school website, Remind texts, and emails   

    Mrs. Ragsdale’s job to set me up for success. My job is to follow through to success!