• Students be may completing Lexia Core5, but it is imperative that we determine whether or not the students are completing it with fidelity. To do so, you will need to evaluate their performance in MyLexia.


    Teachers can log in to MyLexia through their Clever portal.


    Once logged in, the student's name will need to be selected. To evaluate their performance, the teacher will need to click on "Skills Report". From this report, you can determine how many attempts it took for the student to complete each category within each level. A high number of attempts could indicate the student was rushing through and possibly guessing. You can also view their "Accuracy" for each section to see whether it was Low, Medium, or High. Student mastery of the skills is the goal. If they do not have mastery, further instruction may be required.

    Lexia Personalized Learning

    Implementing with Fidelity

    1. Students: ALL students should meet target number of online minutes at least 50% of weeks/Students should complete 1 unit per every 5 minutes of usage gained (quantity and quality are both important)
    2. Teachers: Check myLexia data weekly to see which students are struggling
    3. Teachers: Intervene with struggling students using Lexia Lessons. Reinforce online learning using Lexia Skill Builders and Lexia Connections.
    4. Celebrate student progress