• Lexia Core5….what’s next? 


    Lexia Core5 Reading has provided our students in grades K-5th differentiated literacy instruction. Through personalized learning it targets skill gaps and provides teachers with progress-monitoring data and student-specific resources for individual and small group instruction.  


    Once your students have completed Lexia Core5, it is not recommended that they move on to Lexia PowerUpLexia PowerUp is intended as a secondary intervention resource. PowerUp Comprehension was designed to offer highly engaging passages for readers at the secondary level. While some of the texts fall into the Lexile band that high performing elementary readers have achieved, many of the main ideas and themes weaved throughout our passages surpass the comprehension of most elementary readers. While a young student might be a strong or proficient reader it does not mean they have the background or world knowledge to support reading texts intended for an adolescent audience. Although they may be able to read the content with accuracy, fluency and prosody it is likely that the subtleties and nuances of these rich texts would sadly be lost on them. The diverse content that makes up the Comprehension strand was thoughtfully identified to speak to the life experiences of an adolescent, while purposefully aligning to the curriculum commonly found across Middle Schools and High Schools. Engaging adolescents in reading means providing passages that can spark text-to-text, text-to-self, and text-to-world connections.  


    When the elementary student completes the Lexia Core5 program, our EdTech department recommends that teachers provide enriching activities that help develop our students into empowered learners, knowledge constructors, global collaborators, creative communicators, computational thinkers, innovative designers, and ethical digital citizens. We’ve provided some activity ideas and resources for you on our EdTech website. Please click the follwing link to find some engaging activities for your students: Instructional Resources/Enrichment Activities.