• Integrating technology into your curriculum should elevate your instruction. However, it is important to continue using pedagogy and teaching strategies that are known to improve student achievement. Technology should not replace your instruction, but rather enhance it.


    There are many resources for integrating technology into your curriculum. 


    District Approved Apps


    Microsoft Educator Community


    AASL Best Apps for Teaching and Learning 2018


    AASL Best Websites for Teaching and Learning 2018


    Here are a few examples of ideas to get started:

    -Digital Storytelling. Have students create a summary for a recent story/book they’ve read (Shadow Puppet, Sock Puppet, Chatterpix, BookCreator, Comic Book Maker, etc.)

    -Practice writing/vocabulary/creating/designing (Draw and Tell, Sand Draw, PicCollage, etc.)

    -Audiovisual essay with SWAY. 

    -Video promotions for school events (iMovie).

    -Creating podcasts with Anchor.fm.

    -Creating screencasts with Loom

    -Using Primary Sources with the Library of Congress.

    -Typing Agent, or Typing.com (through Clever)

    -Codable, CodeSpark, Code.org, Scratch 

    -Breakout.edu (solve puzzles, etc.) 

    -Research practice using databases (access through Clever: Britannica, World Book, etc.)

    -K20 Free Games