Weather Letter for Parents and Guardians

  • Dear Parents/Guardians,


    With storm season approaching, we want to take this time to review the Moore Public Schools (MPS) safety procedures and weather plans.


    Any time there is a risk of severe tornado weather we will follow our district Tornado Sheltering Plan as follows:


    Once students are in school, if a severe weather watch or warning is issued, parents have the option of picking up/checking out their student and receiving an excused absence. If someone other than the parent/guardian is checking out a student, make sure that your child’s school has the correct non-parent emergency contact information on file.


    Thanks to our MPS patrons who supported the 2015 bond issue – all 35 school sites have access to a storm shelter. Please remember that the storm shelters at our schools are not public safety shelters.


    Students at each school will follow tornado safety guidelines. All schools practice fire drills, intruder drills and tornado drills throughout the year in accordance with state law. 


    Buses will be held and not be in transit when there is immediate pending severe weather expected. If the severe weather is unexpected and a bus is in route, the bus will seek safety at the nearest school.


    In addition, the following information is provided relative to safety precautions:


    Each school has a crisis intervention team and a written crisis plan that outlines procedures regarding safety concerns/intruder, severe weather/tornado, gas leaks, fire, etc.


    Weather radios are used in every school to monitor conditions and alert us to any tornado watches or warnings. School administration, or a designee at each school building, monitors the weather radio. The Office of the Superintendent, the Office of Safety and Security, and other district officials will be in direct contact with the National Weather Service (NWS) in Norman when severe weather is anticipated. This occurs through a live feed between NWS and MPS administration. The live feed also allows for real time questions and answers about storm fronts, weather alerts and overall questions relative to the weather.



    Dr. Robert Romines, Superintendent of Moore Public Schools


    Weather Letter to Parents and Guardians (pdf)