• Happy Appy Day!


    What is Happy Appy Day?

    It's the first of many professional development events in which students will be presenting apps that their teachers use in classroom instruction, why they love them, and why you should use it in your class.

    Why should I come?

    Give our students an authentic audience. Learn apps that are positively supporting teaching and learning. Network with other teachers across the district. Earn an official PD Point. And MORE!

    What can I bring into the event?

    Please bring a district iPad or your personal iOS device. 


    Apps to be Presented


    Minecraft EDU - Students create to learn with this game-based app. Build and create worlds, collaborate, and problem solve. Applicable across grade levels and subject areas.

    KomaKoma - Stop motion video app, useful for showing steps in a process, demonstrating stories or events and much more. Applicable across grade levels and subject areas.

    Draw and Tell - Drawing app that allows students to add photos, movable stickers and voice recording. Most appropriate for PreK-2 but could be used across grade level and subject areas.

    Paper - A digital journal with art, text, and photo capabilities. Students can share completed journals as photo, PDF, or video. Applicable across grade levels and subject areas. 

    FlipaClip - Stop motion drawing app, easily create frame by frame animation. K students could use this app with support, with practice 1st grade students could use independently.

    Seesaw - Student portfolios offering a wide variety of tools and options including parent communication. Applicable across grade levels and subject areas.

    Khan Academy Kids - Huge database of activities that address learning themes for Pre-k and Kinder. Content includes activities in math, ELA, executive function, socio-emotional learning, and creative expression.

    Chatterpix - Photo app that lets students share learning by making anything talk. Easy to use and pairs well with any elementary school subject.

    Book Creator - An easy-to-use digital book-making tool with many options. With guidance, students in early elementary school grades can use this app to produce and publish their own simple books or comics with images, videos, and audio.

    Pre-K/K Learning Games - This includes Zoo Sounds, Numbers, and Trace Letters. Trace Letter teaches letter writing. Numbers teaches number writing and value. Zoo Sounds teaches animal recognition.

    Animoto - Animoto is a great video producing app that doesn’t require you or your students to have any video editing skills. You can use a combination of both video and photos. There is an extensive collection of templates and audio for you to use in your video.

    iMovie - Promotes a culture of collaboration and co-operation among students, creating iMovies that includes text, photos, and sound. It can support project-based learning and build students' digital storytelling skills. It is great for demonstrating learning.


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