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    When looking to integrate technology into the classroom, it is often useful to begin from the student behavior(s) that will best facilitate achievement of the learning goals. What do you want students to do with the content? Click a student behavior below to see a list of the approved apps that can help. 


    REMEMBER - Apps that help students define, duplicate, list, memorize, recall, repeat, state 


                                          REMEMBER   UNDERSTAND   

                                          APPLY   ANALYZE   

                                          EVALUATE   CREATE


  • Bloomz (All Grades) - Teachers can securely share photos and classroom updates with parents, coordinate events, record student­-driven portfolios, and track student behavior.

    BrainPop (3-8) - Animated Science, Health, Technology, Math, Social Studies, Arts & Music and English movies, quizzes, activity pages and homework help, aligned with state standards.

    bulb (All Grades) - Helps students create colorful web-based mind maps, allowing them to save their mind map as an image and share or collaborate with others.

    Call-Em-All (Staff) - Simply record your voice or type out a text message, upload your recipients, and hit send. Try it free, and let us help you send your important messages to everyone.

    Canvas (All Grades) - Canvas is the 21st Century LMS. Adaptable. Reliable. Customizable. Easy to use. Mobile. Time-saving. 

    ChatterPix (K-3) - Create ChatterPix with creative cards or even fancy book reports.

    Chess for Kids (K-5) - Teach your kids confidence, patience and sportsmanship. Give them problem solving skills that will help them succeed in the classroom and in life.

    Class Dojo (K-6) - Get parents engaged by sharing photos and videos of wonderful classroom moments.

    ClassHero (K-5) - Personalize your own curriculum, promote daily practice, assess, and repeat. Teachers and students get what they need at the right time.

    Classkick  (K-6) - Teachers have the ability to make assignments, monitor student progress, and check to see that they are on task.  Teachers can upload assignments on "Power Point" like slides or images and PDFs.

    Code.org (All Grades) - Lessons and widgets to teach encryption, text compression, and other computer science concepts.  Use App Lab or Game Lab in any course to teach students how to create apps, animations, and games. 

    CodeHS (6-12) - Everything needed to teach computer science, including web-based curriculum, teacher tools, administrator insights, and professional development.

    CodeSpark (K-5) - Sharpen coding skills with mini-games and challenges. Our newest feature, Pet Pals, teaches automation through the care and nurturing of pets.

    Comic Book Maker (K-6) - Create personalized animated comic books featuring monsters and superheroes. Build comic strips and narrate the story using the self-record feature.

    CompuScholar (6-12) - CompuScholar's online Computer Science and Computer Skills courses teach fundamental computer and programming concepts - perfect for your CTE/IT program.

    Draw and Tell (K-3) - Draw and Tell is an award-winning creative tool for children of all ages that encourages imagination, story telling and open-ended play. 

  • Edcite (All Grades) - Easily differentiate and send assignments to fit the needs of your class.  Find assignments built by other teachers in our Library and share your creations with others!

    Edmodo (All Grades) - Gives a voice to shy or anxious students who would go unheard in traditional classrooms and supports digital citizenship. 

    Edmodo SSO (All Grades) - Integrates with a variety of services and student information systems (SIS) to help administrators streamline access and user management.

    Edulastic (All Grades) - Technology-enhanced assessments instantly show who’s on track and who needs help, so you can take action and see growth.

    EduWaveK12 (All Grades) - Helps students, teachers, administrators, parents, and the whole learning community become more efficient, effective and productive.

    Epic! (All Grades) - Instantly access 25,000 of the best books, learning videos, quizzes & more!

    Flipgrid (All Grades) - Video discussion community that allows students to share their voice. It draws the entire class into an open discussion of divergent experience, perspective, evaluation, and debate.

    Kahoot! (K-8) - Allows users to create game based formative assessments using multiple choice questions. Teachers are provided with detailed class and student-level data.

    Koma Koma (K-5) - Simple stop motion animation app using only four control buttons.

    Kodable (K-5) - An engaging game paired with a full curriculum that takes students from learning to think like a programmer in Kindergarten to writing real JavaScript by 5th grade.

    Learning Commons (Staff) - Learning leaders can connect to groups of learners and share curated resources based on personalized, competency-based learning goals.

    Magnetic Alphabet (K-2) - iPad edition of the old fashioned magnetic board suitable for kids of all ages!

    Matific - Math (K-5) - online conceptual math content focuses on the ‘how and why’ of mathematics supported by operational practice. 

    Newsela (3-12) - Brings together engaging, accessible content with integrated assessments and insights to supercharge reading engagement and learning in every subject.

    Participate (Staff) - Provides schools, districts and organizations with communities to ensure that their professional development is increasingly engaging and effective.

    Pic Collage (K-8) - Great for editing photos, making free cards, and creating photo collages! Choose from hundreds of photo grid layouts and sizes, stickers, and background patterns and textures.

  • PyxisEdu (Staff) - Curates resources that are matched to your interests and provide help right when you need it. Pyxis keeps track of all your hard work!

    Reflex Math (2-4) - Full of games that students love, Reflex takes students at every level and helps them quickly gain math fact fluency and confidence.

    Real Chalkboard (K-3) -  Switching 7-color Chalk with an eraser for clearing the canvas or drawing line.

    Remind (6-12) - provides a safe way for teachers to text message to students and stay in touch with parents for free.  Teachers never see their students’ phone numbers and students never see theirs. 

    Sand Draw (K-3) - Sand draw is a fun app which lets you draw free on realistic sand! It's the ultimate drawing pad!

    ScootPad (K-8) - Powered by AI and mastery-based pedagogy, ScootPad delivers continuously personalized learning to help each student move towards mastery in every concept.

    Seesaw (K-6) - Students “show what they know” using photos, videos, drawings, text, PDFs, and links.

    Shadow Puppet (K-8)Built-in image search makes it easy to create videos. Find the perfect images to include in history reports, science concept explanations, and more.

    Sock Puppets (K-3) - Friends can work together with multiple puppets and create hilarious conversations. While recording, simply tap a puppet and that puppet will lip-synch.

    Sutori (All Grades) - Create and share visual presentations with Sutori for any subject or grade level. It enables teachers and students to create interactive stories through a simple, intuitive interface.

    TouchCast - The power of a high-end TV studio at your fingertips. Record a video and edit it – all on your iPad.

    Trinket (6-12) - With instant access to Python, Java, HTML and more, Trinket is the fastest way to get coding in the classroom.

    TypingClub (All Grades) - TypingClub's school edition has lessons plans for QWERTY and DVORAK keyboards, both for left and right hand typing, as well as a lesson plan for Spanish speakers.

    Verso - Collaborative, online resource that makes it easier to implement evidence-based high-impact teaching strategies, saving teachers time while maximizing learning for every student.

    Vocabulary.com (6-12) - Using adaptive technology, we create a personal Learning Program for each student that keeps track of the words they struggle with and predicts the words they’re ready to learn.

    Whooo's Reading (K-8) - Students receive in-the-moment feedback from Owlfonso (the WR mascot owl) to help them improve their writing and remind them to answer the question and cite evidence from their text.