• OAS-Mathematics Standards

    State Standards FrameworkPhase 2
    These are incredible!!!!!!!!!! This document provides resources, student actions, teacher actions, an in a nushell explanation of each standard, units, lesson, and a more in depth look at each grade level for the new standards. 
    Way to go Julie Robinson, Susan Jacobs, Wendy Argenbright, Mary Brese, and Beth Harper!!!! We are so proud of you!
    Math Standards
    Find your grade level below so you can decide which page numbers to print. I recommend 1-8, your grade level, and the Vertical Alignment Document.
    Overview  1-8
    Mathematical Actions and Process  6-7 
    How to Read the Standards  8
    Pre-K  9-10
    Kindergarten  11-12
    1st Grade  13-14
    2nd Grade  15-16
    3rd Grade 17-19
    4th Grade 20-22
    5th Grade 23-25
    6th Grade 26-28
    7th Grade 29-31
    Pre-Algebra 32-34
    Algebra I 35-37
    Geometry 38-39
    Algebra II 40-42
    Glossary of Math Terms 44-55
    Properties 56-47
    Vertical Alignment Document 58-83 
       PK-1   58-60
       2-4      61-68 
       5-PA   69-75
       PA-A2 (Algebra Strand) 76-80
       7-Geo (Geometry Strand) 81-83