• Seesaw


    Beginning in the Fall of 2019 Moore Public Schools will begin a Seesaw pilot in grades Pre K - 2nd. Below is a quick FAQ for this pilot program.



    Q: How do I access Seesaw?

    A: Beginngin in August of 2019. teachers in grades Pre K - 2 will need to access Seesaw through Clever.


    Q: What is Seesaw?

    A:  Seesaw is a student driven digital portfolio that makes teaching, assessing, and interacting with parents fun and meaningful. Seesaw is a tool for differentation, RTI, formative assessment, and enhanced parent communictaion. 


    Q: Can any teacher use Seesaw?

    A: Yes, any teacher can access the free program. Unfortunatly,  the "Seesaw For Schools" level is only available to teachers in grades Pre K - 2nd at this time.  


    Q: How can I learn about Seesaw on my own?

    A: The best place to start is their YouTube Channel. Click here to Subscribe


    Q: How can I use this in my classroom?

    A: Seesaw is a tool that allows you to EASILY build student portfolios, engage parents, and have ongoing formative assessments you can access anywhere.   To learn more, visit their YouTube Channel, or contact anyone from our EdTech department.