Miss Usry



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Miss Usry

TEACHER STATEMENT: I will work my hardest to diversify my class to encompass the learning styles of all my students. If you need preferential seating or other accommodations, please talk to me after class. Everybody has different backgrounds and perspectives, whether that be from ethnicity, culture, race, gender, age, or personal experience. I understand that different people are multifaceted in different areas and that English may or may not be your strength, but we will work together to make you as strong as you can possibly be in the subject. Skills learned in English class are vital and very transferable. Critical thinking, creativity, the ability to argue a point objectively, the ability to validate a source, perseverance, initiative, teamwork, and literary (of technology, media, and information) are all skills that as an English teacher, I will strive to instill in order to assist you in becoming productive citizens in the workplace, politics, and otherwise. 


Students and parents may contact me through my school email, sarahusry@mooreschools.com.