• 8th Grade English  

    Course Description: 

    This course will provide all students with learning experiences based on the 8th grade Oklahoma Academic Standards for English Language Arts. 

    Students will develop and apply effective communication skills through speaking and active listening to create projects and presentations.  

    Students will develop and strengthen writing by engaging in a recursive writing process. 

    Students will write for varied purposes and audiences in all modes. 

    Students will apply knowledge of vocabularies to communicate in writing. 

    Students will demonstrate command of Standard English grammar, usage, and mechanics through writing. 

    Students will summarize, paraphrase, integrate evidence, and cite sources in writing. 

    Students will create multimodal texts to communicate knowledge and develop arguments. 

    Students will write independently for extended periods of time, varying modes of expression to suit audience and task. 



    How to Check Your Grades 

    Progress reports will be sent home every three weeks in paper form. Parents and students are also strongly encouraged to check the Parent Portal on a weekly basis to view the most current grades for EVERY class.  You can set up your Parent Portal account through the counselor’s office. 



    Grades will be taken for full credit until the end of the unit and unit test is taken.   

    After the unit is completed any assignments, quizzes, or tests will be given 50%. 

    A- 100-90            B- 89-80           C- 79-70              D- 69-60               F – 59-0 

    Grading Scales: 

    Daily Assignments 50% 

    Quizzes 10% 

    Tests/Projects 20% 

    Semester Test 20% 


    Attendance Policy 

    In order to receive credit for a course, a student cannot be absent more than (10) days during a given semester. Parents need to call the Attendance Secretary to confirm all absences.  All absences, even confirmed absences, count toward the ten allowable absences unless the absence falls under one of the following categories: 

    1.   School sponsored activities 

    2.   Medical treatment with doctor's note  

    3.   Serving as a legislative page 

    4.   A court subpoena 

    5.   Religious holidays or activities 

    6.   Bereavement 

    All doctor's notes and other documentation of absences need to be delivered to the Attendance Secretary within (5) days of the student's return to school. Please refer to the complete attendance policy in the Student/Parent Handbook that your child received at the beginning of school 


     Classroom Rules/Consequences 

    1st Offense- verbal warning  

    2nd Offense – teacher/student conference  

    3rd Offense- lunch detention  

    4th Offense- before/after school detention with parent contact  

    5th Offense- administrative referral  

    The student may be directly sent to an administrator depending on the severity of the offense.  


    Class Expectations 

    1.Turn work in on time.  

    2.Be in your seat when bell rings.  

    3.Everyone in class must participate.  

    4.Keep desk area clean.  

    5.Must use pencil, black, or blue ink.  

    6.Be respectful of classmates and faculty.  

    7.No talking during class without permission.  

    8.No food or drinks in the classroom. (NO GUM)  

    9.Follow all rules in the handbook. 


    Cell Phone Policy 

    Cell phones must be placed on silent and put away upon entering the classroom.  

    Cell phones may only be used under the direct instruction of Mrs. Owens or Mrs. Miles and only for educational purposes.  

    Absolutely no cell phone use while a substitute is present.  

    School electrical outlets will not be used as charging stations for students.  

    Cell phone cameras and audio recorders may not be used in the classroom.  

    The teacher assumes no liability for lost or stolen cell phones.  

    Bring your phone at your own risk.  

    Using your cell phone without permission from the teacher or abusing the rules of use will result in your phone being taken away and other consequences as listed in the HWJH handbook.