• Wish List

    Hello, all!

    The student supply list for my class is basic because I pride myself on my ability to keep my classroom stocked FULL of almost anything my students could possibly need from every day items like pencils and paper to napkins, art supplies, and extra lanyards. I am able to do this because I scout sales, collect supplies at teacher events during the summer, and have an incredibly generous group of donors in my life who support what I do in my room each year!

    We are fortunate to have a laptop and printer in our classroom this year for student use. I am responsible for supplying the ink and paper for these, though, and that becomes costly!

    In December, I will drop this semester's lowest test score for any student who either sends or brings in ONE item from my Amazon wish list. 

    If all supplies are collected by winter break, I will drop every single student's lowest test score at that time. 

    Some of these items are less expensive through other retailers like Wal-Mart, so specific brands do not matter. 

    Thank you for supporting our English IV class! 

    Mrs. Perry's Amazon Wish List