Weekly Words (Vocab#6-B)

  • Students will have a test weekly- on either spelling or vocabulary words. 


    This week's words are vocab


    Test is on Wednesday, February 26th

    1.advancements:  improvements that move an idea ahead

    New advancements in technology have made cell phones even better.


    2.characteristics: qualities help identify a person or thing

    Thorns are one characteristic of roses.


    1. disagree: to have a different opinion

    My friend and I disagree on what to watch.


    1. prevalent: commonly used, widespread

    Tornadoes are prevalent in the spring.


    1. agriculture: the science and business of raising crops and farm animals

    Agriculture is an important part of Oklahoma culture.


    1. concerns: a worried interest in something

    I shared my concerns about the new schedule.


    1. inherit: to receive from ones parent

    I inherited my blonde hair from my mom.


    1. resistance: the act of fighting against something

    Vitamins help with resistance to illness.