Students who qualify for the gifted education program will be participating in curriculum designed to include skills involving critical and creative thinking, communication, problem-solving, research, and the use of technology.  This curriculum takes the place of their regular classwork during the time they attend SEARCH.  Therefore, students will be exempt from all classwork missed in the regular classroom during the time spent in SEARCH classes. 


    During the time students are attending SEARCH, their home school teacher and principal will:


    1.      avoid introducing new concepts

    2.      make students aware of classwork and assignments presented, through posting them, conferencing with the student, or other means, in order for students to be aware of content

    3.      schedule tests around SEARCH class time or exempt students from tests missed while at SEARCH

    4.      schedule schoolwide events around SEARCH time

    5.      exempt students from daily practice and drill work, and

    6.      make every effort to create an easy transition from and back into class, and to assist students in understanding all regular curriculum.




    Homework is used primarily as reinforcement and practice of skills or as a means to complete unfinished classroom assignments.  Students who are involved in special programs are not required to make up assignments missed while attending alternative classes. 


    It is expected that homework assigned by home school teachers be no more for SEARCH students than for other students.  It is also expected that assignments missed while at SEARCH will not be assigned as homework, in addition to or in place of, regular homework assignments.  The completion of homework is not a requirement for attending SEARCH class.




    SEARCH attendance will not be contingent upon completion of class assignments or homework, classroom behavior, or student grades.  Gifted education programming may not be withheld from identified students.  If a SEARCH student is experiencing difficulty, the teacher should use other means to work with the students, such as consulting with the SEARCH resource teacher and the student’s parent.




    SEARCH students should know what lessons were done while they were in their gifted education class.  Teachers can have the assignment page numbers and other details written on the board in the same place every day and remind students to write them down.  They can also assign a “buddy” to give them the gist of the assignments OR ask them to come to their desk for a 5-minute overview whenever it is convenient for them during the day.  Teachers may to ask them to do 3 or 4 math problems so they can check their understanding, for example.  They can put assignments on your website. If there are worksheets, they can put them on the student’s desk so they can take them home – not as required homework but so they will have the same opportunity to learn it as the other students in your class.  Both regular classroom teachers and SEARCH resource teachers will also want to inform parents of their procedures so they can follow-up at home.


    Giving these students all of the work that was done when they get back from SEARCH is, in essence, penalizing them for going to their class with double work.  SEARCH is their appropriate placement, based on their intellectual ability indicators, on our approved gifted education plan.  While in SEARCH class, students participate in a curriculum of advanced learning that is designed to incorporate higher-level thinking.