Honors Math

  • Moore Public Schools offers students the opportunity to enhance their education experience through a variety of programs. 6th grade students are given a choice to take either 7th grade Mathematics or Honors Pre-Algebra in 7th grade. However, there is an additional option, Honors Algebra I, for students who excel in math, have a desire for advanced studies, are self-motivated, and typically score at advanced levels on state tests, pending fulfillment of requirements.


    6th grade students can take the Summer Algebra I Prep Course and MPS Algebra I Readiness Test to see if they have an adequate understanding of concepts that will enable them to successfully complete Algebra I in the 7th grade. (7th grade students who did not take Pre-Algebra can also select this route as an option).


    The math readiness flowchart has been designed as a tool for self-assessment and guidance for selecting the best route. All MPS math classes will provide students with the math skills and knowledge that are necessary for future success. Please review the flowchart below. 

    Accelerated Math Readiness 6th to JH Flowchart           7th Grade Math to Algebra 1 Flowchart        


    IMPORTANT! You need to be aware that the grades earned from Honors Algebra I and/or Honors Geometry in Junior High will forever be on the student's high school transcript and will be calculated into the high school graduating GPA (grade point average). This affects class ranking as well as the overall GPA. However, these classes will not count toward the 3 math credits that are required to be earned in high school. (State Law 70 O.S. § 11-103.6 (OSCN 2020)). The grades earned cannot be removed.

    Students taking Algebra I in 7th grade are expected to take AP Calculus in 11th grade and other AP/College level math courses their senior year. Each math course completed must be a higher level course than the preceding year.


    Students in 6th grade, enrolling in 7th grade for 2021-2022, can register to take the MPS Honors Algebra I Summer Prep Course and Readiness Exam. Registration will be open after spring break, a reminder will be sent via IC messenger.

    Students in 7th grade math this year (20-21), who feel they are ready to take Algebra I and have not already taken the test, can also register for the Algebra I Summer Prep Course and Readiness Exam.


    All students must fulfill the requirements of the successful completion of the summer prep course and 90% or better on the readiness test.


    Students who successfully passed 7th grade Honors Pre-Algebra will automatically be enrolled in Honors Algebra I in 8th grade. Testing and the Algebra I Prep Course component are not required; however, any student who completed Pre-Algebra in 7th grade can enroll in the summer course if they wish to do so. 


    Students registered in the Algebra I Summer Prep Course will be contacted in May with details via email from Mary Brese, Algebra Readiness Instructor. There will be an orientation meeting scheduled, information for that meeting will be included in the email and posted here when available. 

    Vacations and other events are expected during this time, Mrs. Brese will explain the flexibility of the course in the orientation meeting. However, the deadline for completion of the course is July 23rd, with no exceptions. 

    Summer Course (online via Canvas): June 1 through July 23 

    Testing Dates: The last week of July (dates and times will be emailed at a later date)


    Summer 2021 registration is now closed. 


    Please contact Charlene Ashley at charleneashley@mooreschools.com or call 735-4293, or Mary Brese at marybrese@mooreschools.com if you have any questions or concerns. 


    PLEASE NOTE: students will only be allowed to take the Algebra Readiness Exam one time. If a student is late for their registered testing session they will be admitted, however, they will only be allowed to test for the remainder of the 2 hour testing period. 





     Charlene Ashley, M.Ed.

     Secondary Math and Science Coordinator