Rockstar Procedures image

    1. Greeting
      1. Teacher waits outside the door
      2. Students can choose to greet with H3 (handshake, high five, side hug)
    2. Enter Room – Sit on the risers
      1. Students will stay in line quietly after greeting
      2. Students sit in line order on the risers
    3. Welcome
      1. The Teacher will welcome the students with “Good morning/afternoon musicians!”
      2. Students reply “Good morning Mr. Z (or sub’s name)”
    4. Rules Stretch
      1. The Teacher will say, “Let’s stretch”
      2. Students stand up and begin stretching while reciting the rules:
        1. M – Make good choices (shoulder stretch – arm across chest and push on elbow with the opposite arm. Then switch)
        2. U – Use kind words (neck stretch – head right, left then back.)
        3. S – Show respect (shoulder roll – front and back)
        4. I – Involve yourself (torso stretch – arms straight up, then touch toes)
        5. C – Care for our room and instruments (hip roll – left then right)
    1. Exit Room
      1. When it is time to dismiss the teacher will say, “BRAVO!”
      2. Students will stop and immediately line up along the counter without talking
      3. Students leave room quietly in line WITH HOMEROOM TEACHER.


    1. Clap and Response
      1. This is used to QUIET DOWN, REDIRECT or give ATTENTION to the teacher
      2. When necessary the teacher will clap 5 times with this pattern:
        1. LONG    LONG   SHORT   SHORT   LONG (ta ta ti ti ta)
        2. Students should…
          1. Immediately quiet
          2. Face the teacher
        3. Repeat the clap pattern
        4. Lift both hands over their head so I can see I have the attention
    1. Sit on the risers
      1. Teacher says, “Sit on the risers.”
      2. Students will stop and sit in their ASSIGNED places.
      3. Exactly like beginning of class
    2. Stand and Sing
      1. Used for vocal warm-ups/instruction from the piano, and/or song rehearsal
      2. The teacher will say, “Stand and sing”
      3. Students will stand up from the pit in their rows and walk quietly to the corresponding line at the back of the room. (back to back, middle to middle, front to front)
      4. Students’ attention will be directed toward the piano or smartboard.
    3. Circle Up
      1. For discussions, games, singing, etc.
      2. The teacher will say, “Circle up.”
      3. Students immediately stand and form a circle QUICKLY AND QUIETLY
      4. Arms will be stretched out to create a large enough circle with space between each student – fingertip to fingertip (lower grades can hold hands)
      5. Students will drop hands and follow instructions.
    4. Clean Up
      1. For putting away instruments or supplies
      2. The teacher will say, “Clean up.”
      3. Students will stop activity and pick-up/return all instruments and supplies in their proper place.
      4. Will often be preceded and/or followed up with another procedure.


    1. Emergencies
      1. If a student has an emergency he/she should raise BOTH hands and get the teacher’s attention
      2. Emergencies consist of blood, vomit, medical or diarrhea
    2. Lockdown / Fire / Storm Announcement
      1. Class will follow the school procedures posted on the wall by the door and in this Sub Binder.
    3. Call on the Intercom
      1. The students will stop what they are doing and quietly wait for the teacher and personnel to finish.
    4. Bathroom
      1. Classroom teachers are encouraged to remind students and give breaks before or after music.
      2. Permission will only be given at the discretion of the music teacher.


    For following correct procedures

    A Mystery Student will be chosen for each class period. If the Mystery Student obeys procedures and has a good day he/she will give the entire class access to the Bravo Bongo.

    1. The Mystery Student will be picked randomly or on purpose for some cases but always BEFORE class begins.
    2. If the Mystery Student is able to follow procedures their identity will be revealed and the entire class will get Bravo Bongo.
    3. The Bravo Bongo is a set of musical bongo drums with small prizes (i.e. candy, pencils, stickers, etc.)
    4. If the Mystery Student is unable to follow procedures their identity will remain secret and the class will miss out on Bravo Bongo.


    For failure follow correct procedures

    1. Individual Discipline Plan
      1. Each student will be allowed ONE verbal warning without consequence
        1. Student will be addressed calmly
        2. The teacher will ask the student about the procedure or rule that was not followed.
        3. The teacher will then identify this as their ONE WARNING.
      2. If a student CONTINUES with discipline or distraction problems AFTER the warning they will be asked to TAKE A REST (name and rest written on board)
      3. Rests will be recorded in the gradebook and go against the student’s participation grade for that class period and lesson. (see Grading Rubric)
      4. Take a REST policy is as follows with increasing severity for additional infractions:
        1. QUARTER REST – Student is separated for 5 minutes from class.
        2. HALF REST –
          1. 4-6 Grade: Student is separated for the remainder of the period.
          2. K-3 Grade: Student is separated an additional 10 min.
        3. WHOLE REST –
          1. 4-6 Grade: Students remains separated and a WHOLE lot of people get notified (parent, teacher, principal)
          2. K-3 Grade: Student is separated from class for the remainder of the period and a WHOLE lot of people get notified (parent, teacher, principal)
    1. Discipline involving INSTRUMENTS
      1. All students will be given proper instruction on how to use and store instruments
      2. Students will NOT be given a warning for misuse and will automatically TAKE A REST if misuse occurs. (due to replacement cost, injury, etc.)
      3. If damage to an instrument or another human occurs due to misuse parents and administration will be notified.
    2. Bullying and/or Fighting
      1. All Music Classes will follow the Moore Public Schools policy of “no tolerance” for bullying. (This can be found under Student Handbook on
      2. Students who engage in obvious bullying or fighting (whether physical, emotional, social or a combination) will be sent to the Principal’s office with a referral.
      3. A behavior referral will be documented on the students Infinite Campus page and parents will be notified.
      4. For minor issues and tussles Mr. Zimmerman will address the situation with the appropriate consequence and notification according to the above discipline plan.