• WORK IN PROGRESS - I will be giving information weekly about assignments for fourth-grade science and social studies.  The assignments do not need to be turned in, but if possible, take some pictures of their work in social studies or science and send it to my email address or through DOJO! (You can send other work to Ms. Holder.) ALSO students can email me if they have questions or just want to say HI!  I miss them so much! 


    April 6-10

    Science - MATTER  2 worksheets  One is easy level and the second is vocabulary terms-study the terms.  ALSO students can watch a Bill Nye Video on youtube - MATTER.  This is a review of what we covered in class.


    Social Studies - USA STATES - you will be given a copy of the U.S. with the states on it.  Just study throughout the remaining six weeks and keep reviewing over the summer.  Just make up games or make some quiz note cards to learn the states and shapes.  There are also many sites to help you study.


    You can go on Youtube (parent should be present) and there are two videos I would recommend:  50 Nifty States Lyrics and Tour the States Official Music Video.

    For learning the 50 States states and capitals for this week and next weeks SS assignment, you can access your textbook or search on the internet for a map of the USA.  (parent should assist you with this)

    REMEMBER:  The states and capitals sheets are for studying the remaining weeks during our distant learning - NOT IN TWO WEEKS!  That is unless you are a genius!! OH I SEE SOME OF MY STUDENTS RAISING THEIR HANDS ON THAT ONE!  Have fun learning!