Welcome to MPS Secondary Education Distance Learning

  • All secondary students are asked to participate in a self-paced MPS Student Tech Canvas course (our online learning management system) during their first week of distance learning in order to familiarize and train each student on the various digital tools each student has access to. Every secondary homepage has a link to allow students to self-enroll into their Student Tech Academy Canvas course, and this link has also been sent from each school via Infinite Campus Messenger. For the last five weeks of distance learning, each student's teacher will be conducting coursework through their Canvas course. Students will receive credit for completed work.

    It is important that students are able to login to their district account. If a student has forgotten his/her password, it can be reset by going to https://passwordreset.microsoftonline.com/ and entering the full student email (username@moorestudents.com). Teachers have created hard-copy packets for those who cannot access Canvas.

    Have questions? We want to help!

    Need help with learning a program or how to use a tech-tool more effectively? Email: EdTech@mooreschools.com

    Need Help with access to an account or to reset a password? Email: mpstechhelp@mooreschools.com or Phone: (405) 735-4023