• Sequoyah 2022 High School Sequoyah Masterlist


    Students in grades 9 through 12 must read or listen to 3 or more titles to vote. This list is published by the Oklahoma Library Association.  The titles on this list are not an automatic recommendation of the books and not endorsed by either Southmoore High School or Moore Public Schools.  Students should use their own criteria to choose books for independent reading.


    1.  The Black Flamingo by Dean Atta

    2. The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

    3. The Light in Hidden Places by Sharon Cameron

    4. Don't Ask Me Where I'm From by Jennifer De Leon

    5. Legendborn by Tracy Deonn

    6.  Golden Arm by Carl Deuker

    7. Not So Pure and Simple by Lamar Giles

    8. Only Mostly Devastated by Sophie Gonzales

    9. Almost American Girl by Robin Ha

    10. They Went Left by Monica Hesse

    11. Grown by Tiffany D. Jackson

    12. What I Carry by Jennifer Longo

    13. The Truth Project by Dante Medema

    14. Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You: A Remix of the National Book Award-Winning Stamped from the Beginning by Jason Reynolds & Ibram X. Kendi

    15. Dear Justyce by Nic Stone