• Music Lessons: Grades 3 - 6

    (Instrictions for creating Quaver Music account have been moved to the bottom of the page.) 



    Week 6: May 11 - 15

    Disney Song Trivia 2.0


    Week 5: May 4 - 8

    Disney Song Trivia


    Week 4: April 27 - May 1

    Footloose Dance


    Week 3: April 20 - 24

    The Rasping Stick


    Week 2: April 13 - 17

     rain stick

    Click the link below to watch this week's lesson on how to make your own rain stick! I hope you have as much fun as I did! 

    DIY Rain Stick



    Week 1: April 6 - 10

    Mrs. Wright's Music Class, Week 1: 3 -6 - Watch Video





    Instructions to create student Quaver Music account

    For some of our music lessons we will be using a resource called Quaver Music, which many of the students have used in my classroom before. Below are instructions for creating a student account. It is very simple and only takes a few minutes.  

    1. Go to quavermusic.com 
    1. Click on purple “sign up” button in the top right corner 
    1. Enter username, password, and email 
    1. Click the checkbox next to “agree” 
    1. Enter quaver code (be sure to enter the code for your grade):  
    • 6th grade: TMCNC 
    • 5th grade: 4YVLR 
    • 4th grade: QDT3J 
    • 3rd grade: SG7L5 
    1. Click “enter” 
    1. Select “without flash” experience 
    1. Click “join class” at the bottom 
    1. Enter quaver code again (be sure to enter the code for your grade)