• Music BINGO!

    I will post videos of myself completing different challenges from the Music BINGO page included the MAPS packet. I also have it pictured below. If anything, they should provide some comedy in your life! I encourage you to try to make a bingo with your kiddo! Have fun with it! 



    Choose activities throughout the next 6 weeks – Do at least one to two per week! When you get Bingo, have your parents email me at ashleyflowers@mooreschools.com or message me on dojo! 

    We will have a celebration! Have Fun!!!! 


    Find two spoons. 

    Make up a rhythm using the spoons while dancing to a favorite song! 

    Sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” as best you can. 

    Go to youtube and sing karaoke to your favorite song! 

    Find a book in your house. 

    Write a song about one of the characters in the book. 

    Ask your parents what their favorite song was as a child and listen to it with them! 

    Write down the lyrics to a song and sing it as you write it. 

    Stretch up high and stretch down low – sing La la la la la la using high and low pitches while stretching. 

    Watch a musical and sing the songs in it – Disney movies count too! 

    Make a musical instrument from any recycled items. 

    Write a poem and put it to music! 

    March all around the house with a steady tempo. 

    Sing any 5 songs from any year of school! 




    If you have a recorder, play B A and G and make up a song. 

    Write a song for your classroom teacher and send it to them! 

    Have a lip sync battle with someone in your house or with a friend virtually!  

    Color a nature scene and try to make up a story about it and put it to music (sing or play). 

    Go outside and stomp left and right all around the yard. Make up a melody. 

    Have a music party – pick a genre of music and sing along to your favorite songs. 

    Write down as many musical terms as you know – tempo, rhythm, dynamics, and explain them. 

    Get a jump rope and sing a song while jumping. 

    You’re the conductor – conduct a song while you listen to it! 

    Read a book about a musician or composer. 

    Listen to slow music and do some stretches for 5-10 minutes. Take slow and deep breaths. 

    Listen to your favorite song and draw a picture of what you think it would look like as a piece of art!