• Week Two News:  The Creek Spirit Week is here........................

    Monday April 13th       Math Day - Practice some math under a table

    Tuesday April 14th       Social Studies Day - Learn some history while relaxing in bed

    Wednesday April 15th  Art or Music Day - Showcase your talents to your favorite stuffed animal or your pet

    Thursday April 16th     P.E. Day - Get outside and get movin

    Friday April 17th         Science Day - Get with someone in your house and explore some science





    Science - This week there are two worksheets on the water cycle. (Review)  One is a word search Water, Water Everywhere! On the back is a cut and paste assignment.  You can do the word search first and then do the cut and paste.  You don't have to actually cut and paste the assignment unless you want to complete it that way.  Sorry, I had to copy pages front and back for our packet.  If you have access to a printer, you could make a copy and then do the cut and paste assignment for real!  YES!  

    Social Studies - This week there is a worksheet on the capitals of the U.S.  Now of course you don't have to know these all this week.  I really need you to know these before school starts back up in the fall.  Please don't be a fifth grader that doesn't know your states and capitals!  You got this!!!

    SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT:  Our wonderful Social Studies Coordinator for MPS did a special video on the OKC Bombing.  This year marks the 25th year of the bombing.  With that being said, there would have been some special activities we would have done in the classroom.  I would very much like my students to check out Mr. Burton's video on You Tube (Parent needs to be present).  He will be reading a book titled "The Survivor Tree" that tells the story of April 19, 1995 from the perspective of the famed tree that stood across the street from the Murrah Building.  Go to Youtube.com and look for "The Survivor Tree" Read Aloud  It is read by David Burton MPS

    THE BOOK is The Survivor Tree   Written by Gaye Sanders  Illustrated by Pamela Behrend  Narrated by David Burton

    Link to order Survivor Tree seeds  https://store.oklahomacitynationalmemorialstore

    Link to order Survivor Tree seedlings  https://jonsteen.com/oklahoma-

    These links are on the information part of the video


    So, there you go for week two of remote learning social studies and science 4th grade.  My quote is "Self-motivated readers discover their world" Susan Phillips

    I challenge each of you to do some self-motivated reading about the OKC Bombing and learn more about this event that took place downtown OKC.  This year marks the 25th anniversary. Learn some information about this event and maybe share with me something you read or you found interesting.