• Who is ready to learn for WEEK THREE?  So, two major things going on this week.  (1) WC Reading Challenge and (2) Earth Week!  Earth Day is this Wednesday, April 22.  Can you believe it is the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day celebration?


    WC Reading Challenge - The grade level that reads the most books this week on MyOn will get a free park day next school year and those grade level teachers will get their duties covered for one week and money for their classrooms.  So 3rd grade VS 4th grade - OH YEAH!  WE'VE GOT THIS FOURTH GRADERS!   Please participate.  It is going to take all of you reading this week on MyOn.......

    Monday - April 20th - Read a book in bed

    Tuesday - April 21st - Read a book that someone chooses for you

    Wednesday - April 22nd - Read a book that is your favorite color (GREEN - EARTH DAY - YES!)

    Thursday - April 23rd - Read a book to someone else

    Friday - April 24th Read a book outside


    EARTH DAY - WEDNESDAY APRIL 22nd - 50th Anniversary

    So, for Earth Day, think of some ideas to make this a better place.  Dominic says - When washing our hands turn off the water while we lather.  We can turn our water off when we brush our teeth.  We can time our shower water 5 minutes.  Wash our pet where our grass needs water.  We can stop using our running water to thaw our food.  (We can defrost it in the refrigerator.)  So those are some great ideas to conserve water.

    And I also love Dominic's idea for Earh Day - ADOPT A PARK - Dominic would keep the park clean and not have the ground be littered on.  It would help the environment.  It would be the best park.  There would be surprises in the park.  The park would be a safe place to eat at.

    WAY TO GO Dominic!  I bet some other fourth-graders have some great ideas for Earth Day as well.



    SCIENCE - Worksheet - Here's To Protecting Our Planet Earth Day Contract - Just some ideas to maybe work on for Earth Week.  Please go ahead and use these ideas throughout the summer as well.  An Earth Day idea sheet - If you would rather make a poster and incorporate some of this in your poster, that would be great!

    SOCIAL STUDIES - USA STATES CROSSWORD - Don't hesitate to get your family to help with this one!  Use any USA MAP to help you.  Don't forget to keep studying your states and capitals.


    Any questions or comments, send me a dojo message or an e-mail.

    Ms. Phillips