• Kindness Week - April 27 - Kindness Rock - Find a big rock and decorate it with kind words.  Then leave it somewhere special for someone to find!

                            April 28 - Write a letter to a loved one

                             April 29 - So Sweet - Give a compliment to everyone you see today

                             April 30 - Clean it up!  Help pick up around the house or do an extra chore without being asked!

                             May 1 - Thanks So Much!  Make a thank you note for someone at Winding Creek to show them how much you appreciate them!


    WHERE IS YOUR LIBRARY BOOKS FROM THE SCHOOL LIBRARY????????  Put them in a safe place and we will notify you when you can come to the school and return them.  DO NOT bring them to the school just yet.

    Ms. Hill said to remind you all to get on to REFLEX math.

    SCIENCE THIS WEEK - We are doing some work on FOOD Webs.    Also there is an illustration of a Food Chain Pyramid.  Your assignment is to make a Food Chain Poster.  Your choice on how you want to make your illustrated poster.  You can google Food Chain posters or look on pinterest if you have access.

    SOCIAL STUDIES - Reviewing longitude and latitude.  There are many videos on YOU TUBE with mini lessons reviewing longitude and latitude.

    HOPE YOU HAVE A SAFE AND FUN WEEK!  Miss you all!  Ms. Phillips