• Parking Decal Poster

    Southmoore High School

    Student Parking Lot Policy and Decal Contract

    The parking lot(s) and driveways of Southmoore High School are private property. The operation and parking of motor vehicles on SHS property are privileges, not rights, and are subject to applicable state and municipal laws/ordinances and this policy.


    1. All students must park in the designated student parking lot (westside parking ONLY).
    2. All student vehicles shall be registered and have their school parking permit properly displayed anytime the vehicle is on SHS property.
    3. Students will not park or operate vehicles in any designated faculty parking lots during school hours. Designated faculty lots include the eastside, southside, and northside parking.
    4. Students must strictly adhere to applicable parking laws. Students will park within a single designated space, as centrally located as possible, within the lines.
    5. Students shall operate their vehicles safely, driving in a reasonable and proper manner at all times.
    6. In the event a student’s vehicle comes into contact (however slight) with any other vehicle, parked or moving; the incident shall be reported immediately to school administrators, School Resource Officer(s), or the Moore Police Department if after normal school hours.
    7. All vehicles parked at SHS are subject to searches by school administrators when reasonable suspicion is formed to believe the vehicle may contain some form of contraband, including but not limited to: drugs, weapons, ammunition, alcohol, tobacco, vapes or vape products, or any other prohibited item(s) as outlined in the MPS Student Handbook.
    8. Students are prohibited from loitering in the parking lot. Students may not occupy or remain in parked vehicles before or after school, or during the lunch period.
    9. Students will take pride in their school by not leaving any trash in the lot and by placing it in the proper receptacle on their way into the building.


    By purchasing a parking decal, the driver agrees to adhere to all stated policies. Failure to comply with any of the stated policies above may result in any one, or combination of the following actions: verbal warning, written warning/window sticker, school administered discipline (i.e. detention, ISD, suspension), issuance of municipal citations, suspension and/or revocation of parking permit and school driving privileges, criminal prosecution, and towing of vehicles from the property at the owner’s expense.

    I acknowledge the above policy pertaining to student vehicle operation and parking at Southmoore High School with the purchase an official SHS Parking Decal.

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