• Earlywine Return to Learn Plan

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    Earlywine Elementary

     Return to Learn Plan


    The purpose of this plan is to develop safety procedures that will be taught, practiced and enforced consistently to ensure the safety of the students and staff at Earlywine Elementary. We ask that parents read and discuss these procedures with your children prior to the first day of school.  Please know we will also be teaching and practicing these procedures until they become routine at school. 

    *Handwashing: All students will be taught the importance and technique of handwashing the first day of school and reviewed frequently by our school nurses. Students will be washing hands frequently throughout the day. Please make sure you discuss this and monitor it at home with your child as well. Working together, we can keep our kids healthier.

    Arrival:  The only students allowed to enter the building at 8:45 are those eating breakfast. No others are to be on campus until 9:00 as there will be no congregating outside the building.  Students may wait inside their cars with parents. Please practice opening and closing your car doors with your child to minimize multiple people touching door handles, unless absolutely necessary.  At 9:00 students will enter the building from the front doors and go directly to their classrooms. If your child is a walker please practice walking to school, so you know exactly how long it takes and your child knows exactly what time to leave your house, so they get to school at 9:00.

    *We will have many staff members positioned in hallways helping students find their way to their classrooms.  Teachers will be sending name tags home in packets at the Drive Thru Back to School event for your child to wear to school with their name and their teacher’s name on it in case they don’t remember who their teacher is the first couple of days.  We can help them find their class if they forget and don’t want to talk.

    Main Hallway Traffic:  Procedures are always important.  One-way traffic is always practiced. We will continue this routine and expect further spacing between students in class lines for the safety of our students. Additionally, students will be reminded just as we do not congregate outside our building, we do not congregate inside our hallways. Transitioning in hallways will be minimal since students will not be changing classes.

    Drinking Fountains:  Per the Moore Public Schools (MPS) Return to Learn Plan water fountains will not be running; however, we do have bottle filling station in the cafeteria and we are working on adding more. Students SHOULD BRING A PRE-FILLED WATER BOTTLE EACH DAY.  Child’s name should be on the water bottle.

    Classrooms: Students in grades 4th-6th will not rotate classes.  The teacher will rotate, and students will remain at their own desk in their homeroom throughout the day.  Supplies will NOT be shared.  Desks will be facing forward where possible and spaced apart.  Classes will not be allowed to visit other classrooms.

    Any technology/devices used in the classroom will be sanitized between uses.

    Media Center: We will follow the MPS Return to Learn Plan Protocol for our Media Center using the 72 hour wait time and sanitizing of books before recirculating books.  Lessons will continue to be taught in the Media Center with consideration given to scheduling allowing time for sanitation between classes.

    Cafeteria:  No visitors will be allowed to eat with children.  Visual markers have been installed on the floor as reminders of appropriate spacing.    Students will have an assigned seat during lunches. Students will be seated at the same row of tables as the rest of their homeroom class. Classes will enter through designated doors and be seated at their assigned table/seat until they are called, one class at a time, to line up to get their trays. Appropriate social distancing will be practiced while students wait in line and as they are seated at tables by using visual markers. Students that bring lunches from home will carry them to and from the cafeteria as opposed to the traditional bucket for lunchboxes. Please ensure your child’s name is on their lunchbox. After students finish lunches and dump trays/throw away trash, they will sanitize hands and exit the cafeteria to recess with a supervising staff member.

    Outdoor Recess:  Students will sanitize their hands as they enter the playground and as they re-enter the building.  They will be encouraged not to congregate but to swing, run, slide and play in other ways.  Playground equipment will be sanitized frequently.  Playground balls will be assigned to homeroom groups only minimizing the number of hands touching the ball.  Supervision will be maximized, and procedures will be taught and practiced.

    Indoor Recess:  Students will remain in homeroom only.  Individual game pieces will be sanitized after use and individual or partner games may be played.  Educational videos or exercise videos may be shown.  Individual classroom teachers will develop specific and age appropriate plans that follow CDC guidelines for the safety of their students.

    Bathroom: Classrooms with individual bathrooms will use those bathrooms to minimize the use of the group restrooms.  All others will schedule their group bathroom breaks to minimize the number of students in the bathroom at a time. Teachers will work together to make every effort to reduce the number of students in each restroom at a time. Students needing to use the restroom between scheduled breaks will be allowed to use the restroom nearest their classroom. Bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized frequently. 

    Parents....Please make sure your child goes to the bathroom before they leave the house to come to school.  This will minimize the number of students needing to go to the restroom as soon as they arrive at school and help us greatly.

    PE, Music and STEAM: (also known as Specials) In the MPS Return to Learn Plan specific information was shared regarding PE.  To recap, equipment will not be reused from group to group without being sanitized.  Same will be required with any instruments or manipulatives for Music or STEAM.  You will receive additional information regarding STEAM soon but to help you at this time please know we will be moving to more of a “demonstration model” instead of a hands-on model at this time due to the restrictions of COVID.  Increased sanitation measures have been and will continue to be taken in these areas as well.  

    Nurse: We are excited to have a full time nurse. In the event a student or staff member displays symptoms of COVID, our nurse will immediately isolate the individual and follow the protocol in the MPS Return to Learn Plan.

    Quarantine: The Moore Public Schools Return to Learn Plan has put precautions in place regarding quarantine for both staff and students. If a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19, they may not return to MPS facilities until they are symptom free and have been quarantined for 10 days per guidance from the Health Department. If a student or staff member have been exposed/close contact to COVID-19, necessary parties will be notified and those involved will have to quarantine for 14 days per the Health Department. For more information regarding quarantine procedures, please visit the Moore Schools website and review the quarantine section of the Return to Learn Plan.

    Masks: At this time, masks are required for PreK-6th grades. In grades PreK-3, masks are required in all common areas of the building (ex. hallways, restrooms, and cafeteria prior to eating) but students may remove their masks in their classrooms. In grades 4-6, masks are required in all common areas and in the classrooms. Students may pull their masks down briefly in the classrooms as needed. Masks are not required when students are eating meals, at recess, or in PE class. Lanyards seem to be an effective way for students to store their masks during non-required times throughout the day. If you choose to send your child with a lanyard, please ensure it is a breakaway lanyard as a safety precaution. There will be a sanitary procedure for where to store the mask until the student puts it back on for those that do not have a lanyard.

    Computer Lab: We are keeping our computer lab open with additional safety and sanitizing procedures in place. We are limiting our lab to one class at a time and students will be spaced at every other computer and assigned the same computer each visit. Computers and keyboards will be sanitized between classes.

    Assemblies: As stated in the Moore Public Schools Return to Learn Plan, assemblies this school year will look very different. No visitors will be allowed to attend assemblies to limit the number of guests in the building. We will also not be able to gather all students together so when we have assemblies, they will be virtual so students can participate from their classrooms.

    Dismissal:  We will be using a digital system called Safe School Dismissal.  It is free to our families and will allow us to safely and quickly release our students from their classrooms.  Students will no longer wait in crowded lines or congregated areas.  ALL students will remain in their homerooms.  They will be released from their classroom as their ride arrives.  If they ride a bus, their name will appear on a screen as their bus number is entered as arrived and they will be dismissed to the bus. Supervision will be in multiple places throughout the hallways inside the building.  Same for day care riders and car riders. Each family will receive two cards to use to display in their car window or whoever they are having pick up their child. The card will have a scan code that will be entered as you pull up and your child will be notified you’ve arrived. This will keep a steady flow of students exiting the building and loading cars safely without the crowded lines or use of megaphones. Families will receive detailed information and their cards in the packets during our Drive Thru Back to School Event. Parents who walk to pick up their students must wait outside of building and observe social distancing rules. Walkers must immediately leave school grounds.  No gathering out front and visiting.   

    *Please note, our site plan is fluid and subject to change based on new information and recommendations from appropriate agencies. Please be flexible as we navigate the most efficient and effective ways to keep your child safe during the pandemic.

Last Modified on August 3, 2020