• Mrs. Brese – Honors Algebra I & Honors Geometry                                                                   


    • Class notes, lessons, and assignments will be posted on our Canvas HOME PAGE. The Home Page will have an agenda, which will be updated over each weekend, and provides links to all past and upcoming class materials.

    • It is the student’s responsibility for turning in completed assignments on time.

    • When absent, it is the responsibility of the student to complete missing assignments and submit them in the allotted, additional time.

        • If a student misses a test, arrangements will be made for making up the test at an agreed upon date and time.

    • Missing work will be recorded as a zero (if a student was present when assigned and collected). Once the assignment is submitted and graded, I will change their grade from zero to the earned score. (They will receive full points earned)

    • Cheating: Parents will be contacted, and you will receive a ZERO!!!


    Semester grades will be calculated by:

    Classwork/Homework = 40%

    Quizzes/Tests = 50%

    Semester Test = 10%





    • Come to class prepared: Bring TOOL KIT (specifically pencils, dry erase markers, and calculator) and composition book.

    • Students are expected to come into the classroom and be seated before the tardy bell rings.

    • Before entering the room, be sure to put your phone on SILENT (not vibrate)

    • ALL phones and smart watches must be placed in phone baskets available on each table.

        • Do not take your phones and watches out of the basket, until the bell rings.

    • Stay seated until I dismiss class (the bell doesn't dismiss you): 

        • I have a timer that will sound indicating the last two minutes of class.

        • Work consistently until you hear the timer

    • Do not start gathering your belongings before the timer rings.



    • 2 tardies = 1 unexcused absence

    • 3rd Tardy: Parents will be contacted, and student will be assigned a 30-minute detention

    • 4th Tardy: Creates a 2nd unexcused absence, parent will be contacted

    • 5th Tardy: Parents will be contacted

    • 6th Tardy: Creates a 3rd unexcused absence, parent will be contacted, and a report will be sent to the office on a discipline referral



    • Students are expected to enter the class prepared for work, ready to participate in class discussions and group work.

    • This is a high school credit class and I teach my students the same way they would experience their classes at Westmoore High School.

        • My students should maintain at least 80% as an overall daily average.

        • Class work and assignments are expected to be completed and submitted as assigned.

        • EVERYONE should be asking questions on a regular basis. There is nothing wrong with asking a question to verify your understanding or to get clarification.

        • If a student gets behind, they should come in before school, or stay after class, or come in after school to talk with me about making arrangements to get caught up. (This is not the parents' responsibility!)

        • Anytime a student needs my help, they are encouraged to email me and I can work with them, which gives me the chance to help them be successful. I can open a zoom window anytime they request it.



    • Horseplay and disrespect are not tolerated and will be treated as a discipline issue.

    FOR CLASSROOM DISRUPTIONS AND DISCIPLINE ISSUES (This includes chronic late and missing work ethics):

        • 1st Warning: I will meet with the student after class, the incident will be recorded.

        • 2nd Warning: I will meet with the student after class, the incident will be recorded, and parents will be contacted.

        • 3rd Warning: Parents will be contacted, the student will be assigned a 20-minute detention, and the incident will be recorded. Both will be informed that a fourth infraction will create a discipline referral to the office.

        • 4th Incident: Parents will be contacted and then a discipline referral will be sent to the office; a parent/teacher meeting may be scheduled. Depending on where a student is in their school discipline plan, the principal will make a recommendation.


    Parents are welcome to visit my class at any time, as allowed by school policy (and Covid-19 regulations). Please check in through the office as a visitor.

    You can contact me at any time at:  marybrese@mooreschools.com

    I welcome your comments, questions and concerns about my class rules and procedures.