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    Spelling Activities List

    1.      Spelling Word Scrabble-Play Scrabble and try to spell out the spelling words.

    2.      Spelling Word Play-doh-Spell out the spelling words by rolling out play-doh.

    3.      Spelling Word Hangman-Try to guess how to correctly spell the spelling words.

    4.      Spelling with Friends-Within your group spell out the spelling words by having each member say a letter then the next person says the next letter.  If a word is misspelled the group must start the word again.

    5.      Color Words-When writing a list of words, write vowels in color and consonants in another color.

    6.      Rainbow Words-Write each word once in your best handwriting with pencil.  Trace over it with a colored pencil.  Then trace over it with a 2nd colored pencil.

    7.      Silly Sentences-Write 10 silly sentences using 2 spelling words in each sentence.

    8.      Word Magic-using your 20 spelling words, write the word once, then write it a 2nd time without the first letter, then write it without the first two letters.  Repeat until the whole word disappears!  Example:  spell, _pell, __ell, ___ll, ____l, ____

    9.      Shortest to Longest-Count the number of letters in each word.  Then write the words in order from shortest to longest.

    10.  ABC Order-Write your spelling words in alphabetical order. 
    Variation:  Write your spelling words in reverse alphabetical order.

    11.  Picture words-Write your spelling words and create a picture with them.  Be sure to label the pictures that match your spelling words.

    12.  Words in Words-Write your spelling words, then write as many words as you can discover from that word.

    13.  Pyramid Words-Write the first letter of the spelling word.  Write the first 2 letters of the word below it.  Then write the next 3 letters, etc.