• Mrs. Mankins grading policy:

    • If a student makes a 69% or lower on an assignment, EXCEPT for a test, they are allowed to redo the paper for an averaged grade of both attempts.  The redone paper MUST be turned in the next day, Friday.  All weekly papers are sent home in Thursday folders; if a paper is redone it must be sent back completed on Friday in the Thursday folder.
    • Students who miss work because of absence will be given the same amount of days missed to make up assignments.  For example, if a student is absent on Tuesday and Wednesday he or she will be given two days to make up the assignments.
    • If a student fails to bring back an assignment on the due date he or she will miss recess/free time to complete assignment to prevent him or her from receiving a zero.

     Thank you students and parents for all of your hard work and cooperation!