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    Welcome Letter

    Dear Students and Parents/Guardians,

    I want to welcome you to my French classroom!  I am looking forward to sharing the French language and culture with you this year. I have been working hard to create engaging lessons that will have you immersed in the French language from day one.  All work this year will be done in and through Canvas. Students are scheduled to get their MPS laptop on August 20th, until then they will be using their cell phones to access in-class documents and assignments through the Canvas app that can be downloaded in Google Play or the iTunes Store. If your student does not have the capability to do their work on their phone, or if they do not have a phone, please email me and your student will be able to do theirs on paper. 

    This year, because of social distancing and other protocols put in place in the brick and mortar school building, I will be utilizing Zoom and Flip Grid for in-class instruction when necessary, and for peer-to-peer collaboration.  In the event classes are moved to a virtual format, I am ready and able to deliver lessons via Zoom, Flip Grid and Canvas to keep your student engaged and moving through coursework as seamless as possible.

    Students should be prepared to have their own personal school supplies on hand in a large pencil pouch or zipper pack. For example, a mini stapler, tape, ruler, glue stick, eraser, pencil/pen, white out, colored pencils, or other supplies normally kept in the classroom for student use will not be available to them.  I will only be able to provide kleenex for student use and notebook paper. Since students will not be carrying around textbooks this year, there will be ample space in their backpack to accommodate these supplies.

    Between each class period I will spray desks and chairs with a non-toxic all-natural disinfectant called Sol-U-Guard (a Melaleuca product) to keep areas as clean and germ free as possible. I will have hand santizer in the room, but please have your student bring their own as well. Students may not eat in my classroom, but may stow snacks/lunch in their backpack. Students are encouraged to have bottled water (we have a refill station just down the hall). Hall passes will be kept to a minimum and milling about the room or walking around will be strictly prohibited.

    Students must keep their cell phones in their backpack/bag unless we are using them for in-class learning. Cell phones are to be put on silent and not to be checked during the hour.  Ear buds/headphones should also be put away. Since we are a one-to-one school streaming music or videos/movies on their phones will be enforced. If you need to contact your student during the school day please consider emailing them with their MPS email that they will have access to on their laptop. In case of a family emergency, students will communicate that with me ahead of time and arrangments for cell phone use will be determined. Students are prohibited from taking photos or videos of me or my classroom. 

    I am excited and nervous about the start of the new school year, but I look forward to getting to know you and being your teacher this year!

    ~ Madame Najibi ~     welcome back bitmoji.png


    Supply List

    Here are the supplies that I am requesting this year for all classes:

    • 1 box of Kleenex (if you are able to provide additional boxes please do). Do not worry about disinfecting the box. I will spray them down before they are stowed in the classroom.
    • 1" binder, or students may combine in another binder from another class, but there must be dedicated space.
    • 5 tabs
    • zip pouch or pouch with everyday school supplies (see above). We will do some activities that will require coloring.
    • Ear buds/headphones. Since students will have laptops we will be listening and recording in class. For this purpose, students should bring a pair of ear buds/headphones every day.


    Canvas Links

    The best way to see what we are doing in the class and to track student progress/work/due dates, is to become an "observer" of the course. To learn how to become and "observer" in your students' canvas account click here.