• 1 credit hour
      Two semester course
    • Mr. Watkins
    • 405-397-4987
    • Room 101 WHS
    • Algebra I course description:  Algebra 1 introduces students to variables, algebraic expressions, equations, functions, inequalities, and their multiple representations.  The students develop the ability to explore and solve real-world application problems, demonstrate the appropriate use of graphing calculators, and communicate mathematical ideas clearly.  

      This course lays the foundation for every subsequent course in mathematics.  The topics learned in Algebra 1 comprise a large part of the PSAE objectives.  Success in Algebra I must be encouraged and emphasized since it is an accurate indicator of future success.

    • Geometry Coruse Description:  This course is designed to emphasize the study of the properties and applications of common geometric figures in two and three dimensions. It includes the study of transformations and right triangle trigonometry. ... It also emphasizes writing proofs to solve (prove) properties of geometric figures.
    • Westmoore Mission Statement:      The vision of Westmoore High School is to create an environment that provides
                                                         the opportunity for all students to gain attitudes, skills, knowledge necessary to
                                                         become lifelong learners and productive members of society.

      Your Grade:
      90% daily work (daily practice, quizes, and tests)
      10% Semester Test
      Class Rules:  

      Mr. Watkins Class Guidlines

      • Follow All District and School Rules


      • CELL PHONE OR TABLET USAGE BY PERMISSION  (On an hour to hour and day to day basis)


      • Bring something to write on and with every day


      • Show your work on every problem (papers with no work, will not be graded)


      • Do your own work (asking for help is ok, but you should not be copying others work)


      • Stay out of my desk (no sitting behind or removing things from my desk)


      • We will not have assigned seats (unless your behavior requires it)


      • STAY IN THE CLASSROOM (only in an emergency will you be allowed to leave)


      • Work will be taken up daily (your grade depends on your daily participation)


      • This is a class full of different paced learners, “fair” is often hard to see. Permissions and Consequences will be tailored to the individual. (the MPS discipline guidelines will be followed for behavior situations)

                Wear your ID around your neck on a lanyard