• Statistics and Probability Supplies

    • binder 
    • notebook paper
    • scientific calculator -
      • A class set will not be available this year due to sanitation requirements so each student should bring their own calculator.  A Texas Instruments TI - 30 XS multiview calculator is the suggested model, but any scientific calculator will do. 
    Because we are unable to share supplies this year, it is strongly suggested that each student prepare a "toolkit" to carry to all classes, much like you did in junior high.  
    It is recommended that the following items be included in the toolkit for statistics.  Additional items may be recommended for other courses.
    TOOLKIT for statistics:
    • pencils
    • colored pens
    • scissors
    • tape
    • highlighter
    • colored pencils
    • dry erase marker 
    If you are able and willing, a box of kleenex would be tremendously appreciated.  Thank you!  

    1st hour : Text @1spiva20 to 8101

    2nd hour: Text @2spiva20 to 81010

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