• Virtual Beginning Band




    Essential Elements

    All Brink Beginning Brass & Woodwind students will need Essential Elements, book 1, for their instrument.  This is available at Gilliam Music in Norman or Larsen Music in OKC. 

    You can access Essential Elements Interactive by going to http://www.myeelibrary.com/.  It will prompt you to enter your Student Activation Code from Page 1. 

    Essential Elements Interactive will have:

    • start up videos for your instrument
    • play-alongs with the book
    • listening library
    • additional music. 

    You can also download tracks in the book to play along with or order a free CD/CD-Rom.




    Here is a nice resource to get started on your instrument:

    Beginning Lessons Playlists


    If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me through Remind or at aritaylor@mooreschools.com.




    Mr. Stephen Smith, our percussion instructor has put the resources you need to get started on his website.

    You can email him at stephensmith@mooreschools.com.



    Virtual Advanced Band





    Brass & Woodwinds will need this book: Foundations for Superior Performance.  This is available at Gilliam Music in Norman, Larsen Music in OKC, or Palen Music in OKC.  They can be bought online as well. 

    Work on the following over the course of the semester. Learn the warm ups first and then concentrate on one key at a time.

    Warm Ups

    • Page 3: Articulation Exercise on Concert F
    • Page 4: Long Tone 1a & 1c
    • Page 6: Option 4


    Technical Exercises - Concert keys of Bb, F, Eb, Ab, and C

    • Mini Scale & Tonic Arpeggio
    • Scale patterns 1 & 2 (try the different articulations listed for fun!)
    • Scale in thirds
    • Interval Study
    • Chord Study 1


    Scales on pages 42-43

    Concert Bb, F, C, Eb, Ab, Db, C Chromatic




    Pep Tunes