• Performance Attire


    Performances are a special occasion and are the culmination of a great amount of preparation time and effort. The student’s attire is expected to help illustrate and emphasize this fact.

    The correct attire is required in order for students to receive the full performance grade.

     Attire requirements are kept to a minimum.

    • All formal concert events (Concert Black):
      • Black Button-Down Collared Dress Shirt or Blouse (long or short sleeved). Shirts must be tucked in when appropriate.
      • Black Dress Pants (No black jeans, sweats, etc.) or Long Black Dress or Skirt (Must be appropriate length, past knees) 
      • Black Socks (boys) and Black Dress Shoes (no flip-flops etc. or black tennis shoes)


    The director may reduce performance grade or refuse participation due to offensive, distractive, or overly-revealing clothing. This will result in a grade reduction for absence from a performance.