6th grade basketball information

  • Girls games will start at 4:30. Boys games will be held at 5:45.

     1. Spectators/Volunteers

    Spectators: Due to limited seating, one spectator per player is preferred. Large groups are discouraged from sitting together. Social distancing should be practiced. Spectators must wear mask. No access to the court or floor will be permitted after the contest ends.

    Ref uses hand held whistle and may remove mask while game is playing.

    2. Bench Areas - **Face Coverings MUST be worn at all times when on the bench.

    1. Players may remove face covering when entering the game.
    2. Players MUST stand/sit in designated areas only.
    3. Players MUST be socially distanced on the bench at all times.
    4. Two or more rows of seats may be utilized to maintain social distance.
    5. All participants must use hand sanitizer when entering or exiting the contest.
    6. Handshakes, high-fives, etc.  are discouraged by all participants.
    7. No sharing of towels or personal items.
    8. No access to the court or floor will be permitted after the contest ends.

     3. Pre and Post Game Handshakes will NOT be permitted at this time; waving is encouraged. Girl’s basketball team and spectators must exit gym before players and spectators for second game will be allowed in. Girls’ games begin at 4:30. Boys’ games will start at 5:45. This will allow 15 min in between games for players and spectators to exit premises before second game starts.

    See Return to Learn plan for Equipment sanitation and hand washing/ sanitizing before and after.