• What are Honors Courses?  Honors course are more rigorous versions of core classes, designed for AP and college prep. The purpose for Honors courses is to “raise the bar” and prepare students for Advanced Placement (AP) courses and college and career readiness.  Honors courses are designed to make advances in students’ depth of knowledge and higher-level thinking skills and to promote student-initiated learning. These courses are vital for success in future AP courses.

    How are Honors courses different from regular courses?

    • While addressing required state standards, these courses teach additional skills and content that are the groundwork for future AP courses.
    • These courses move at an accelerated rate and are more time demanding.
    • These courses require students to work outside of class on assignments, independent reading, research, and various projects.
    • Overall, these courses challenge students to perform at a more rigorous academic level.

     What are the expectations of an Honors student?

    • Value learning above grades. It should be more difficult to earn an “A” in Honors than in a regular course.  Significant learning often occurs through productive struggle.
    • Complete rigorous independent and collaborative work both inside and outside of class.
    • Possess strong study skills and be self-motivated to learn.
    • Understand challenging material and be able to learn at a fast pace.
    • Read on or above grade level and be able to handle mature and controversial topics and vocabulary appropriately. 
    • Write and speak clearly and effectively with attention to purpose, audience, form, and grammatical accuracy. This includes presenting to small groups and whole class.
    • Listen attentively and critically; ask questions, seek answers, and solve problems.
    • Possess the self-discipline to plan, organize, and carry through tasks to completion.
    • Attend class regularly with few absences, and consistently turn in assignments on time.
    • Be able to initiate communication with the teacher and advocate for oneself. 

    Are there requirements to enroll in Honors courses?  Course pre-requisites can be found in course catalog.

    For success in Honors courses, it is recommended students meet the following criteria:

    • Consistently earn a grade of A or B in previous core courses.
    • Score advanced or proficient on the previous year’s state tests from the Oklahoma State Testing Program (OSTP).
    • Score at or above grade level on the STAR Reading Test.

    Junior High Honors Letter 

    Subject specific and contact information: 


    Charlene Ashley

    Secondary Math & Science Coordinator




    David Burton

    Social Studies Coordinator




    Ginger Howe

    Secondary ELA Coordinator