• Team,


    2020 was without a doubt a year that presented new challenges in everything from how we live, shop, interact and how our school age children learn.  School continues to be one of the primary concerns for our AFMC personnel and their families as we roll into 2021. 


    Tutor.com is a valuable resource we wanted to highlight which can provide help with both the K-12 and college settings as well as an at-home virtual learning environment.  You and your family members are able to receive various services ranging from individual appointments providing step-by-step instruction or help with specific curriculum challenges..


    Services can be requested by going to https://military.tutor.com/home and clicking on the link for “tutoring”.  Access is provided free to all military and DoD civilian employees.  Additionally, the Federal Education and Emergency Assistance program (FEEA.org) has scholarships, emergency hardship loans, disaster relief and discounted activities that civilian employees and their families can apply for. 


    Our workforce has demonstrated exceptional resilience and perseverance throughout 2020 and now into 2021.  We encourage you to take advantage of the great programs like Tutor.com and  FEEA.org to help ease the stress along the way.


    V/R, Trish


    Trish Young

    Executive Director

    Air Force Materiel Command