Talking with our kids about sexuality is intimidating.  Just thinking about talking about it is daunting. The reality is that many teens do beome sexually active for a variety of reasons.  However, studies repeatedly show that early, age appropriate discussions with children makes them less likely to engage in early sexual behaviors.  Not just addressing "plumbing" but healthy relationships, loving and valuing themselves, and feeling comfortable standing up to pressure from others.  They also need to have theknowledge and resources to protect themselves from pregnancy and disease if they choose to be sexually active.


    Merriam-Webster's Dictionary defines "consent" as:

      noun:  compliance in or approval of what is done or proposed by another.  Agreement as to action or opinion.

       verb:  to give assent or approval.  to be in accord in opinion or sentiment


    Boys and girls alike need to be taught about CONSENT and feeling comfortable setting personal boundaries.  Oklahoma Law requires Consent be taught as part of Sexuality and HIV Education (link below).  Moore does not provide Sexuality Education, but Consent is covered as part of the mandated HIV/AIDS curriculum in sixth and seventh grades and once in high school.  The link to the high school HIV/AIDS program can be found under the HIV/STD Education tab.


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    Just for fun:

    Consent Tea (parody)