Current Theater Production

  • Southmoore Theatre left Tulsa Union State One Act Festival with a 1st place rank, Outstanding Ensemble award, Outstanding Costumes award, Charity award ($608), and 7 All Star Cast members. 


    All Star Cast Photo in order from left to right: Maria Carrion, Ryan Woods, Sha Maria Portis, Kaden Fitz, Lizzy Mowles, Alayna Bryson, and Josiah Campbell.

    Costume Mistress: Alicia Hunter

    Ensemble in order left to right and front to back: Cadence Swindler, Alicia Hunter, Addi Bassemier, Jesse Edwards, Kyleigh Baxter, and Kaia Crawford.

    Tech Crew in order from left to right and front to back: Kent Perez, El Stevenson, Calaway Brewer, Ethan Nichols, Jadyn Barefoot, McKenna Pitt, and Lauren Foster