• Full-time MVA – grades 3-12 – using the Odysseyware program



    The full-time Moore Virtual Academy for grades 3-12 provides an Asynchronous program utilizing the Odysseyware platform. Asynchronous learning is education, instruction, and study that do not occur in the same place or at the same time. The virtual online academy opportunities provide flexible scheduling for optimal student success while requiring appropriate academic progress. 


    Parents play a critical role in the success of their child in the virtual environment.


    The curriculum provided through Odysseyware covers essential and supporting state standards and aligns and integrates with research-based instructional design, best practices, and fundamental course requirements. MVA is not NCAA approved.

    MVA is a year-long commitment.



    The student will have a facilitator assigned. The facilitator is a district certified teacher and will be contacting the student or parent/guardian once a week to report progress, provide direction, answer questions, provide resources, refer to specialist for specific needs, and encourage course completion. It is the student/parent’s responsibility to reply promptly. 

    The facilitator will keep students and parent/guardians informed of progress weekly by email, text, or telephone. 

    Facilitators will notify the home school counselor(7-12) or principal (3-6) if they are behind eight (8) or more lessons. The student is encouraged to contact the instructor immediately if there are problems with the content or technical issues.



    Academic progress determines student attendance. The minimum rate of academic progress is four (4) completed lessons per week in each course. Students are encouraged to finish more than the minimum of four assignments per week and may do so without penalty. 

    The student is required to have completed 50% of the course at mid-term as an academic benchmark. Failure to do so may mean removal from MVA. The program recognizes student illness, death in the family, approved college visitations, required court appearance, and family emergencies to be excused. However, regardless of the absence reason students are expected to make up work. 



    There is not a textbook with Odysseyware. Students will need to take handwritten notes, which may be referred to when testing. Unit tests will take place at a school site.  Students may not advance to the next lesson until unit test completion.



    Grading of all courses is as follows: 

    50% for the Individual Lessons

    20% for Projects

    10% for Quizzes

    20% for Exams


    The student may be removed from the Moore Virtual Academy if they are behind 12 or more lessons for failure to make academic progress. 


    All students are required to complete district and state testing requirements. All testing, including unit tests, will be conducted in person at a school site. Failure to do so could mean removal from the program.