• If your student needs to take a course(s) for "credit recovery" in order to pass their current grade, please use the link below for information and enrollment.


    8TH grade students have the opportunity to begin their high school credits by enrolling in Summer School, taking a course for the "first time".  This is not the same as "credit recovery", which is taking a course because it was failed.  

    "First time" courses for incoming 9th grade are:  PFL (Personal Literacy Finance) and Oklahoma History.  Students may earn high school credit this summer by successsfully completing one or both courses.  It will be applied to their high school transcript and be included in their high school GPA.  For the student who will want the opportunity for an extra elective, this is for them (band, choir, arts, sports, etc).

    You may get additional information by clicking on the link below.  An enrollment form is also included.


    2021 Summer School Enrollment