“What Every Sixth Grade Parent Should Know”

    Pre-AP Mathematics in Middle School


    This information sheet was put together to help students and parents of incoming 7th grade students make an informative decision as to which math class their child should enroll in when they enter 7th grade.  Many students are excited about the prospect of leaving elementary school and entering junior high, but with this excitement also comes more challenges, choices, opportunities, and additional stress to both the student and the parent.  Math is unlike other core subjects regarding Regular vs. Honors.  Students choosing the advanced math track are actually skipping a year of 7th grade math in order to enter Honors Pre-Algebra and begin the Honors math track.  Making sure your child is in the appropriate math class will hopefully ease some of the transition from elementary school to junior high.  Correct placement will also help your student build confidence in their ability to do math which will lay the foundation for long term success in future math classes.

    The two most popular choices for 7th graders are “7th Grade Math” and “Honors Pre-Algebra”.  Objectives included in 7th grade math consist of, but are not limited to, solving one and two step equations with integers, decimals, and fractions, computing with percents, and proportional reasoning. These skills are NOT taught in sixth grade.  Objectives included in Honors Pre-Algebra consist of, but are not limited to, slope of a line, linear equations, systems of equations, and transformations.  Students entering Honors Pre-Algebra should already be familiar with the concepts listed in the 7th Grade Math course.  Please fill out the information below and use the flow chart on the back of this page to help determine the best fit for your child.

    Some 7th graders will test into and be given the option of taking “Honors Algebra 1” in 7th grade.   Please keep the following points in mind if you are choosing this option for your student:

    ·         Students who are offered this option will be skipping TWO years of math (7th Grade Math and Pre-Algebra).  Those courses provide many of the foundational skills needed for success in Algebra 1. 

    ·         Algebra 1 is also considered a high school math course and the grade received in this course in 7th grade (and subsequently Geometry in the 8th grade) will be on your student’s permanent high school transcript which calculates class standing at graduation.

    ·         Students will still be required to take three years of math beginning their freshman year.  The options currently include Algebra 2 (regular or Honors), Math Analysis (regular or Honors), AP Calculus AB or BC, and AP Statistics.

    ·         Students starting Algebra 1 in 7th grade will be on pace to take Calculus their junior year.  In order to continue their math track their senior year, they will have to pursue other options at local universities or enroll in AP Statistics. (Please see the High School Course Catalog for the course sequences)