• Moore Virtual Academy Full-Time Student Contract




    Moore Public Schools agrees to provide Virtual Instruction for those that enroll properly through the MPS Enrollment Center or online (https://www.mooreschools.com/enrollment) and request full-time placement in MVA.  While the district recognizes that some students have needs that might better be met through untraditional delivery system such as the Internet, the district also recognizes the value of student learning in the context of a classroom.  The presence of a teacher and other students provide opportunities for the extension and reinforcement of concepts that require development and refinement in a social setting.  In short, students need opportunities to clarify and expand their thinking. 


    It is understood the student and parent/guardian are requesting the Moore Public Schools to provide Virtual Instruction in lieu of the student participation in the regular school environment.  Therefore, the student and parent/guardian agree to the following:


    1. The student will abide by all regulations, policies, and requirements of District, State and Federal law.
    2. Students participating in athletics will meet Moore Public School and OASSA eligibility and residential requirements.
    3. It is the student’s responsibility to complete his/her course of study as prescribed by the school district. All work will be performed by the student and only the student.
    4. It is the responsibility of the student to complete all assigned courses. Any uncompleted courses will result in a grade of F. Work will be graded per the Moore Public Schools grading policy.
    5. Students who fail to successfully complete enrolled course(s) in the specified time will not be eligible to reenroll in MVA course work the following semester.
    6. Full time students will be enrolled in six (6) courses and will need to log a minimum of 4 hours per week per course to meet attendance requirements. Failure to successfully complete course work during this time may result in the student being removed from the program. Students must pass a minimum of 66% of classes assigned to continue the internet program. (example: 4 classes out of 6 courses completed for the entire semester)
    7. Credit Recovery students enrolling in a single course will be required to successfully complete the course work as determined by the teacher. It is recommended a student who enrolls during first semester, complete all course work and tests by the end of first semester.  If a student is enrolled during second semester a student must complete all course work and tests by the end of the second week of May. 
    8. Summer School students enrolling in summer School Virtual Instruction program for the month of June must complete all course work and test prior to the end of the summer session. Failure to complete course work and test will result in the student receiving a grade of “F” on the student’s transcript.  Students in the Summer School Virtual Instruction program must complete an equivalent of (5) five hour per week per course.
    9. Student will check their email daily for correspondence from the teacher and will contact the teacher immediately if they have questions, concerns, and/or difficulties in understanding their assignments.
    10. Student and parent will not hold the district responsible for technical difficulties on the part of the internet provider.
    11. The * parent/legal guardian agrees to accept responsibility for any course fees assigned by the district. Any such fee will be paid at the time this contract is signed and prior to the start of instruction.
    12. The transcript will bear the grade earned.
    13. The student will abide by the Student Network Electronic Use Policy approved by the Board of Education.
    14. The student will make appointments with the assigned teacher and meet at the designated location for all tests prescribed by the program course work.
    15. It is the responsibility of the *parent/legal guardian to ensure their student is progressing in his/her course work and the student takes all tests per the appointment established.
    16. The student is responsible to contact the home school counselor when he/she has completed a course of study so he/she can be assigned a new course of study or to confirm graduation requirements completed.
    17. It is the responsibility of the *parent/legal guardian to provide and maintain internet connectivity.
    18. Virtual course testing for grades 7th thru 12th will be conducted at a Moore Public Schools’ site.
    19. All Oklahoma School Testing Program (OSTP) tests will be conducted at a designated district location. Students and parents will coordinate with the home school and alternative counselor to determine testing days and times.
    20. If student fails to take required OSTP tests, then the student will not be allowed to participate in the Virtual Program for the following school year.


    MVA students still have access to receive breakfast and lunch at their home school site. Please contact the principal at your home school to determine the time and process to pick up the meals.  Breakfast and lunch are available and may be picked up at the same time.


    NCAA - The Moore Public Schools Virtual Instruction courses are not approved courses for students who are pursuing NCAA collegiate sports opportunities. Call the NCAA Eligibility Center, or the college of choice admissions or compliance office regarding all eligibility questions.