• Our class has come up with a few ideas of items we would love to have! 

       Legos for our architects/Colored pens for our writers.

       Cardstock for our stations/For our alphabet we need timers.

       M & M's & Skittles always come in handy/Who doesnt like to earn some candy?

       Dominos for our Mathmaticians/Large foam dice to help us learn addition.

       Mini Erasers are used for a lot/Velcro to help things stay in their spot

       Amazon gift cards would be a big hit /We would help our teacher qucikly spend it. 

       Thank you Thank you you're the best/You help us all to be our best!

     Stickers/Smarties/Dum Dums/Tootsie Rolls/Chalk Pens/Walmart Gift Cards for special snack days/Hobby Lobby Gift Card for crafts/Clothes Pins/Boxed Puzzles/

    *Vanilla Lattes & Blueberry Muffins from Starbucks, a water from Sonic, cashews & Hershey bars with almonds are always a hit..I love pink and black, crafting, spending time with my 4 dogs. I am also an Army mom. 

    Here is a link for My favorite Things 

    I have also added an Amazon Wish List the link is below:

    Kindergarten Wish List