• Eastlake Elementary 
    5th Grade Parent Information 2021-2022 


    Education is a partnership between school and home.  We will be contacting you if there are questions, concerns, or praise.  We would like you to do the same.  Our plan time is 10:50-11:35. Visit our website at https://www.mooreschools.com/eastlake for updated information.  The school phone number is 735-4160 or send us an email at  

    Mrs. Davidson 


    Mrs. Easley 


    Students are expected to write assignments in their Agenda exactly as they see them written on the board each day.  We check agendas daily and expect them to be signed daily.  This helps parents understand what the assignments are and when a student has homework.  Students will write YES or NO according to wether or not they have homework for that assignment. Absent students will copy agenda notes when they return.   

    Parent Portal  
    Parent Portal is a vital part of your student's success.  You will be able to access grades, attendance, and missing assignments.  Sign up with the secretary in the front office.  This is available through each MPS student’s graduating year.   

    Students are responsible for being prepared with supplies, assignments, and all materials daily.  A “MARK” in the Behavior Book will be given when procedures and daily expectations are not followed. A reward (typically a movie) for meeting these expectations is planned every 9 weeks.  Students who have more than 4 marks will not attend the planned activity.  Three (3) marks in a week result in 30-minute detention BEFORE SCHOOL (8:30-9:00)   

    Late/Missing Work 
    Students are responsible for maintaining a daily agenda.    Incomplete or missing work will result in a mark in the discipline book. Missing or late assignments will be recorded as a zero until turned in and assessed. Daily assignments turned in one day late will have 15 points deducted from the final grade. Assignments turned in after one day will receive a maximum of 50% credit.  For credit, missing assignments must be turned in no later than one week before the end of each nine-week period to avoid receiving a zero.  (Missing work is any assignment NOT turned in on time.  Absent work is NOT considered “missing” unless it is not turned in or turned in past the allotted days given for being absent.) 

    Thursday Folders 
    Graded work and other notes/information go home each week in a Thursday folder.  Please sign and return this folder every Friday.  Any work (other than quizzes and tests) 69% or below can be corrected for an average of the two grades.  All corrections need to be turned in by the following Monday (no exceptions).  See Thursday folders for policy. 

    Correct and Return Work 
    Procedures are listed in the Thursday folders on the inside cover.  Students must follow the instructions for all assignments they will correct and return to class.  No new credit or grade will be given on assignments that do not follow the instructions.   

    Absent Work Policy  
    Students will be given an assignment sheet with a list of assignments you missed. Do NOT throw it away until you have completed and turned in every assignment. Write ABSENT at the top of each paper.  It is the STUDENT’S responsibility to make sure every assignment is completed and returned on time.  ASK QUESTIONS! Some assignments are not worksheets.  Make sure you read the assignment sheet.  You are allowed one day for each absent day to make up work.