Library Science aka Library Aide


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    Students must have Librarian approval before enrolling in Library Science.

    Library Science is a one semester class, earning one-half of a credit for graduation. Written assignments, book reports, and daily shelving grades will be assigned, as well as daily participation grades. Students are expected to be on time, ready to work, and properly dressed (including ID) when arriving for class. Customer Service is a large part of being a Library Aide, therefore a positive attitude is a must.

    Requirements for enrollment in Library Science:

    Will be a Sophomore, Junior, or Senior for enrolled semester.
    Cumulative grade point of 2.5 or better.
    Have zero discipline referrals.
    Have good attendance. (50% of grade is daily shelving so you must be here.)

    I understand that Library Science is a "customer service" class and that if enrolled in Library Science I will be expected to do all assigned duties and assignments with a positive attitude. I also understand that I must have one positive recommendation from a teacher (we will do this part).