Dell Chromebooks for Elementary and Junior High students

  • Our junior high and elementary students use Chromebooks in the classroom. Fifth through eight graders take their devices home each evening. Click the links below for more information.


    About the Dell 3100 Chromebook



    Guidelines and Procedures for Chromebook Carts 


    Chromebook collection and Summer procedures

    There have been some questions on devices going home over the summer. We will be sending out more info later, but wanted to give you a heads up in case you are getting inquires.

    5th graders will keep their devices over the summer and continue to use the same device through their 8th grade year.

    6th graders will keep their device over the summer and continue to use the same device through their 8th grade year. (Please note 6th graders will be bringing their device with them to 7th grade)

    Both 7th and 8th graders will now be keeping their devices over the summer.

    8th graders will turn in their device during 9th grade deployment. We will be sending out more info as the year draws to a close.

    9th -11th  graders will keep their devices through their senior year.

    12th graders will turn their devices in at the end of the school year.

    If at the end of the year you have devices out as loaners, please have students return the loaners to your site and update (very important) the IIQ ticket with VERIFIED contact information, so we can reach out to the parent once the repaired device is ready for pick up. We will have them come to Technology to pick up the repaired device.

    We will send out more info on spot checking devices, procedures for collecting devices, and summer device support at a later time.

    If you have any questions please email Technology Engagement Coordinator, Michael Bridge.


    ***If students do not enroll for next year, do we need to collect that device?

    5th grade is up to the building. If they haven’t enrolled for next school year and the school decides to hold on to the device, the school would need to make sure, if the student does return in August, they get their same device.

    6th grade, unless the school knows for a fact the student is not returning to MPS, the student should keep the device over the summer. We (Tech) will run a report and contact parents about returning devices once school starts.

    Please do not collect 8th grade devices UNLESS they withdraw from MPS.  We are assuming all 8th graders will continue on to 9th grade. We (tech) realize that some may still not be enrolled for 9th grade by the end of the school year and that’s ok…We (tech) will track and retrieve those devices of students who do not return to MPS. 

    3rd-6th grade Teacher Instructions for submitting Incident IQ ticket for student devices

    All 3rd - 6th Grade Teachers

    1. Login into Incident IQ.
    2. On the top list of headers please select the blue + New Ticket Button.
    3. Please note, step 3 is for 4th grade only. Please edit the requestor.
      1. On the Ticket creation timeline, select Edit Requestor under your name.
      2. Search the correct user by entering the responsible Student's ID number and select the student.
    4. Under the "What is this ticket about?".
      1. Select the Computers & Electronics Option.
    5. Enter 6-digit Asset Tag (found on the bottom of the computer).
    6. Select the device under the Search Results.
    7. Under the Categories, select the appropriate category/issue.
    8. Under "Describe the Issue" please explain the issue. Include Student Name and Student ID # and detail the issue.
    9. Under Room, please select the room where the Asset is located.

    Who is responsible for submitting the ticket on behalf of students?

    While any certified staff/paraprofessional/support staff can submit a ticket "On behalf of" the student, the preferred method is the Homeroom teacher submit the ticket.

    Why do we not need to edit the requestor for 3, 5, or 6 graders?

    -Grade 3 is not true 1:1 therefore you do not need to edit the requestor.

    -Grades 5 and 6 devices are assigned to the student and when you enter the asset tag it will automatically edit the requestor, so manual edit is not necessary.