iPads in the Classroom

  • Pre-K through 2nd grades have iPads in their classrooms that students and teachers can use.



    Please click this link to see optimal settings for accessing students' learning platforms on an iPad.


    The MPS Technology department has provided K-2 with a class set of 15 student iPads to support research-based instruction and the Oklahoma Academic Standards. Research suggests that a young learner’s day should be filled with meaningful play, hands on learning, collaboration, and small group instruction. Your class set of iPads will allow students to work with a partner, at stations, or with a teacher during small group instruction. Students can easily add photos, assignments, and creations to digital learning platforms, building strong school to family connections. 


    In the previous years, we have had iPads in our classroom thanks to a T-Mobile partnership. This has now expired and the T-Mobile cellular service has ended. This year we were able to obtain a new grant through Emergency Communication Fund, hereafter called ECF. The ECF fund has allowed us to replace 15 iPad devices in each of the K-2 classrooms.


    iPads in the Classroom FAQ’s


    How many iPads should be in my cart? Kindergarten-2nd grade carts have 15 iPads.


    Where is my teacher iPad? There is no longer a designated teacher iPad. If you want to designate one of the 15 as a teacher iPad, please complete an IIQ ticket with the asset tag of the iPad being used and we can reconfigure the iPad. PLEASE NOTE: A teacher iPad will have fewer restrictions and is not recommended for student use.


    Oh no what happened to all my apps? Over the summer, we were forced to refresh our app database on our MDM. During the refresh, most apps were removed. Please remember too many apps will cause the iPad to not only slow down, but also prevent us from pushing apps or other needed updates requiring the iPad(s) to come back to technology for a factory reset.


    How do I submit an APP request? App requests must be submitted through IIQ. Please see Apple App Volume Purchasing Program link at bottom of webpage for more information.  


    What if one or more of the charging cables in my cart no longer work? First, disconnect the power from the back of the cart and reconnect after 10 seconds. This will usually resolve charging issues. If the iPad is still not charging, please submit an IIQ ticket by choosing the following: New Ticket-Computers & Electronics-Device Carts-LocknCharge Putnam 16 Charging Station-Hardware Damage.


    Why can’t I close the door on my cart? The new iPads are a bit larger and will not allow the door to close. Please do not force the door to close as it will break the charging cables. The solution is to open the cart door and remove the 4 Phillips screws on the inside panel. The panel will come off with ease and you can store the panel in your room and the door should close without issue. If you want technology to remove the panel, you will need to submit a ticket and we will remove the panel as time allows. To submit a ticket for panel removal please choose the following in IIQ: New Ticket-Computers & Electronics-Device Carts-LocknCharge Putnam 16 Charging Station-Hardware Damage.


    Do the iPads have cellular service? The iPads DO NOT have cellular service. While the cellular may show connection, the service has ended and access to the internet not permitted. It is recommended to go into the settings app and turning “Cellular Data” off.


    What if an iPad is missing an asset tag? To maintain asset control, ALL missing asset tags must be replaced in a timely manner. You will need to submit an IIQ ticket to have the tag replaced. Please DO NOT write the asset tag number on the device. Do the following in IIQ to request a replacement asset tag: New Ticket-Other Requests-Asset Control-Tag New Device. In the Describe your issue, please indicate you need a replacement asset tag and list the type of device (iPad) and the serial number of the device. To view the serial number of the iPad, tap settings-general-about.


    Please review all the documents below, as some of the processes have changed over the past year. These documents will also answer a lot of questions you may have concerning your iPads. 


    Apple Volume Purchasing Program… the document covers how to submit an IIQ ticket to request an app be installed on the iPad(s). Volume Purchasing Program (VPP) is how all apps should be purchased both free or paid when using an institutional device. Any device that has an asset tag attached is considered an institutional device.

    Moving-Requesting iPad Carts… the document covers how to submit an IIQ ticket when moving or requesting new carts